• We maintain network and application availability by detecting traffic anomalies and providing protection against DDoS attacks, hacking, data theft, and exploitation of vulnerabilities
  • Our security ecosystem is based on our own advanced developments: Servicepipe TPS, Servicepipe Analyser, and Anti-Bot for websites
  • We are ready to design and implement bespoke IT-security solutions for your business
  • We support in-house development and modifications to meet your business requirements
  • We are available 24/7 by phone, e-mail, and support chat
  • We offer different integration formats (e.g. in-network, hybrid, and full cloud software)

WHAT protection you get


Network and IP

Protecting infrastructure from DDoS attacks

  • Provides full infrastructure coverage against DDoS attacks
  • Protects any internet client (e.g. mail servers, IP-telephony gateways, virtual desktops, DNS servers, game servers, web servers, corporate networks, IP and transit traffic)

Servicepipe TPS


Blocks and cleans malicious network traffic, delivering only legitimate data to the end client

  • Automatically cleans malicious traffic without affecting legitimate clients
  • Deployed as hardware, software, hybrid or fully cloud-based solution
  • Supports up to 20 TBps for high-availability clusters
  • Allows hybrid work mode (i.e. cloud connectivity in case of overload)
  • No performance degradation with new rules or countermeasures
  • Provides a wide array of countermeasures to protect all kinds of applications
  • Deploys unique countermeasures to deal with users behind NAT
  • Uses machine learning to block previously unknown attacks
  • Accessible control via the web interface
  • Our own traffic processing core can handle up to 400 GbE and 230Mpps on a 1U server without performance degradation when operating with complex countermeasures

Servicepipe analyser


Detects DDoS attacks on the infrastructure connected to the analyser, sends malicious traffic for cleaning, and allows you to examine detailed information on each attack

  • Automatically detects and isolates malicious traffic
  • Responding to an anomaly and isolating traffic takes less than 1 second
  • Supports the most popular flow standards (e.g. NetFlow, IPFIX)
  • Supports clustering of over 200 Threat Prevention Systems
  • Provides analysis of each attack in the event log
  • Allows multi-user access
  • Automated TPS setup
  • User-friendly and intuitive web interface
  • Supports more than 1 million profiles and over 500 million traffic recipients

Protecting websites and APIs

Account Takeover
Denial of Service (Layer 7 DDoS)
card cracking
Credential Stuffing & Cracking
Server Overload
Fake Account Creation
vulnerability scanning

Comprehensive protection for web applications and API against external threats:

  • Application level DDoS attack filtering for web applications
  • Full-fledged bot management in the form of SaaS or IaaS
  • API protection for mobile applications, websites, computer programs, and TV services



Detects and blocks bad bots that harm the website, including bots that are used for DDoS attacks, data collection, and click fraud

  • Detects bots at first request without delay for real users
  • Blocks malicious requests while IP addresses remain unaffected, allowing your online platform to work with users behind NAT (e.g. airport, shopping mall, and hotel networks)
  • CAPTCHA and other checks used to identify bots are not visible to real users
  • Provides HTTPs protection without disclosing encryption keys or transmitting log files
  • Protects mobile and various application APIs without embedding module in the application code
  • Offers different integration formats (e.g. web server module, cloud solution)
  • Proprietary technology that utilizes multi-factor analysis of queries, including technical, signature, statistical, and behavioral factors
  • Ability to integrate deep analysis of each client’s requests and continuously improve model accuracy through the use of neural networks

Security testing


Stress Test

Testing the network and software for resilience under conditions of exceeding the normal operating limits in the black-box format


Penetration testing will reveal vulnerabilities in the network and its components which can be exploited by attackers (i.e. hack and get unauthorized access to confidential data or take over your system)

Our Projects

Data Center

A network of data centers providing cloud and colocation services


DDoS attacks on data center infrastructure resulted in downtime for clients, with the attacks ongoing for 10 days


IP transit protection and analyzer to detect and neutralize attacks in a timely manner

News portal

A major news portal providing daily global news to >10M people


The portal was regularly targeted by DDoS bot attacks at the application level, making the website unreliable


Portal received full coverage against attacks: DDoS protection for transit traffic and anti-bot protection

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